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Align is built on love and the philosophy that because YOU matter, we want to help you relax and regenerate.

So when was the last time you put yourself first and took some time for you? We invite you to start today.

Who is Harriet McEntire-Lanka


I’m the visionary & founder of Align Spa, and though I've been an intuitive healer all my life, it took a few years to understand and step into my healing gift. As I’ve grown more comfortable sharing & expressing myself, the spa has naturally expanded into the dynamic international healing community it is today. Read More

Adam Lanka

Owner - Align Costa Rica

I had the pleasure of finding Adam in the last place I thought to look; a small town in Costa Rica that I was visiting in December of 2012 while on a yoga retreat. Even before I met him, he was already changing my life. Read More

Calli Sorensen

Spa Director

Calli is one of the best things that has happened to me and The Align Spa. Not only has she become a dear friend to me over the 8 years of working together, but she has grown to be the spa mom and wizard behind the curtain of Align’s exceptional customer service. Read More

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Featured Treatments

If you enjoy pampering and feeling significantly refreshed and rejuvenated after a body treatment or facial,

then one or all of these Align Featured treatments are a great place to start.

Couples Massage

Hair & Scalp Treatment

Customized Facial

Align Favorites

Did you love your facial and want to step up your home care ritual? We'd love to help you do that;

so feel free to fall in love with anything used on you in the treatment room so you can recreate your spa experience at home.

Life Elevated

Below you will find helpful tools and resources to help balance your mind, body and spirit;

topics include yoga, nutrition, live interviews and events in Park City and Costa Rica.

Events in Costa Rica

Align In Costa Rica

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The Body Bar(re) is a fitness studio right next door to the Align Spa, where there are regularly scheduled bar, yoga, pilates and jujitsu classes. Please visit their website for an updated schedule.

Enjoy a class at the Bar(re) Studio for $15 with your Align Spa receipt. Receipt valid for 7 days.

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