There's a perfect facial for every skin type, and we at Align customize your experience to suit your skin's needs during your visit. Rejuvenate and renew your skin with custom-crafted facials using our professional, natural, organic, and advanced formulas from our Eminence Organic and Lira Clinical product lines.


Basic Facial

All our facials are customized for your individual needs and include a cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, masque, SPF & hydration application. Adding additional time allows for even more customized options i.e., a deeper cleanse, enzyme treatment for specific skin concerns, a longer massage, additional extractions if necessary or layering masques.

60 minutes - $110.00

75 minutes - $130.00

90 minutes - $150.00

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This non-invasive procedure using a device to create micro-channels in the skin to prompt collagen production, fill in fine lines and contribute to a younger look. We recommend a series of 3. With your esthetician you can put together a treatment plan with intermittent peels to maximize your results.

60 minutes - $300.00

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Dermasound Treatment

Dermasound Treatment

This treatment can be added to any facial service. Dermasound is a cutting edge skin care system that benefits three common skin problems: fine lines, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Dermasound is proven to provide a more effective and reparative treatment for your skin.

Add-on - $10.00

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Facial Upgrades
Item Name
Lip Treatment
Refine, exfoliate and deeply hydrate the lip area.
Eye Treatment
Reduce dark circles and fine lines around the eyes with this gentle exfoliating and deeply hydrating treatment.
Facial Cupping
The ancient practice of cupping uses suction cups directly on your skin to promote circulation, relieve muscle tension and sinus congestion, reduce puffiness, soften fine lines, stimulate collagen all while helping products absorb better.
Hydro-Jelly Masque
Boost your facial experience and deliver powerful nutrients to your skin. Our customized Hydro-Jelly masks are hydrating, smoothing, moisturizing, exfoliating, cooling, toning and help in inflammation reduction.
Reduces heat in the skin, calms inflammation and regenerates a vibrant complexion. The cooling effect, combined with power peptides and an exclusive MASQ-tech method, will stimulate immune function and restore compromised skin to reveal a firm, tight and healthy state.
Customized Enzyme Treatment
An enzyme chosen for your specific skin type to accelerate exfoliation for brighter, healthier skin.
Green Power Peel
Botanical microneedling alternative. Spongia Badiaga, sea fennel, lilac, and argan plant stem cells boost cell repair. Spongia Badiaga creates micro-pathways in the skin to stimulate collagen, elastin, and improve hyper-pigmentation. This is a favorite treatment among clients and staff. A perfect alternative to microneedling. Best results when completed in a series, and when using recommended at home skin care.
Chemical Peels
Perfect to resurface, refresh, aid with anti-aging, lighten and brighten hyper-pigmentation. Complete in a series of 1-6 depending on skin care goals. Pre and post home care is a must for effective and safe peeling.